Seconds Interval Timer

Seconds Interval Timer is the most advanced interval timer for mobile. Its simplicity and versatility have made it a favorite among fitness enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

Large Clear Timer Display

Seconds Interval Timer only displays what is relevant. The time is full width in portrait or landscape so is easy to read even from a distance. The current and next interval are always displayed.

landscape interval timer

Timer Templates

High Intensity Interval Training, Tabata and Circuit Training timers can be created with ease using the simple templates within Seconds Interval Timer.

Custom Timers

When the templates don't fit your needs you can create timers one interval at a time. You can even combine timers.

Music Integration

Seconds Interval Timer lets you assign music to your intervals allowing you to match the intensity of your music to you workout. You can choose to have a new song each interval, or resume where it left off.

Text to Speech

Seconds Interval Timer will read out your interval names allowing you to workout without needing to see the screen.

Other alerts are available including beeps, boxing bells and also more soothing sounds like bells and gongs.


Have you created a great timer that you think your workout buddies will enjoy? Share it with them via email or AirDrop.

External Displays

Display your timers on an external screen via AirPlay Mirroring. Seconds Interval Timer even offers a privacy mode so you can hide your navigation around the app.