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Seconds Pro: The most advanced interval timer app.

Seconds Pro is an interval timer app for accurately timing interval, circuit and Tabata training. It can speak your exercise names and sync music to your intervals.

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All the features you could want

Large, clear display

Seconds uses all the available screen space, and colour coding to display your timer so you can see it quickly, easily from a distance or while in motion.


HIIT, Circuit Training, Tabata and Round Timer templates are included within to app. Combining timers and create custom timers is also extremely easy to do.

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Text to Speech

Seconds will read out your interval names so you don't even need to see the timer. It can even alert of the next interval giving you timer to prepare.

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Music Integration

Match your music to the intensity of your workout. With Seconds you can assign music per interval, span across intervals, or simply play music from other apps.

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Share your timers

Email timers to your friends so they can perform your workouts when you are not around. By sharing to our online interval timer they don't even need the app.

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External display

Use Seconds to teach a class. With Seconds you can display your timers on a larger screen using AirPlay or HDMI/VGA.

The best interval timer app

Who says Seconds Pro is the best interval timer app? You do! Seconds has been downloaded over 1.8 million times*. It has around 9,000 user ratings, 90% of which are either 4 or 5 stars. Below are genuine user reviews from highly satisfied customers. You can find many, many more like this on the App Store.

The best interval timer you can get

This is the best app for timed workouts, period. The app is super powerful, but with the recent UI refresh it's not overly complex or intimidating.

Best interval timer

This is the best interval timer out there. Great look, and a myriad of possibilities with the different timers and options. Love the circuit timer and I use the round timer, always when I go boxing. Highly recommend.

* Download and review figures include both free and paid versions across all platforms.


Seconds Pro uses standard iOS controls and focuses on functionality and useability. So while the app looks stylised, clean and uncluttered, we are the first to admit the screenshots are not terribly exciting. The upside to this is the app is very easy to use and users are already familiar with how it works.

Trusted by professionals

Fitness professionals all over the world use Seconds Pro to run classes and train their clients. Here is what some of them have to say:

Best App Timer for Personal Trainers

I use this app all the time with my fitness classes and individual clients. Whether it be for HIIT or Tabata, one-on-one training, or with regular mixed cardio/strength classes this app does it all and my participants love it. They can see the time, what is coming next and they love the last 3 second countdown! This is the best app I have yet to purchase.

Worth the wait

I'm a personal trainer and have used this app for a couple of years. For anyone serious about working out. This is the best app out there. The new updates just make it even better. Thanks for making this app so awesome!

Timer templates

Seconds Pro includes templates for a number of common interval training patterns. When the included templates don't fit your needs you can create timers one interval at a time, and even combined two or more timers into one.

HIIT Timer Template

A six set HIIT timer with 3 minute warmup and cooldown, 30 second high intensity intervals and 90 second low intensity intervals.

HIIT Timer Template

Circuit Timer Template

A three set circuit training workout with four 50 second exercises, 10 seconds rest between exercises and 30 second rest between sets.

Circuit Timer Template

Tabata Timer Template

A Crossfit style 'Tabata This' workout with 4 exercises with 1 minute rests between exercises.

Tabata Timer Template

Round Timer Template

A three round timer with 5 minute rounds and 1 minute breaks.

Round Timer Template

First class support

At Runloop we don't believe in leaving our users waiting for help. Our developer answers your queries 7-days a week, often within minutes of receiving them. Here's what our users have had to say:

Outstanding app, amazing support

As a fitness professional I use this app daily for my bootcamps - it's full featured and easy to configure. If you workout you need this app! Developer Support is unmatched and extraordinarily quick.

Best interval timer app hands down

I find it extremely easy to use and infinitely customizable. The developer is engaged and responds to support questions very quickly. I'm excited about future plans and further app enhancements.

Universal app

Extra care and attention was spent making sure Seconds Pro looks perfect on all iOS devices.

Seconds Pro requires iOS 8 or later.