Seconds 3.3 Release Notes

Version 3.3
  • Added Apple Watch app.
  • Changed current time option to display seconds.
  • Fixed issue where non-pro users can't save to Apple Health.
  • Added more checks to prevent excessive battery use when left on the timing screen.
Version 3.3.1
  • Fixed heart rate not displaying correctly on Apple Watch.
  • Fixed issue where sharing a timer containing an ampersand '&' character in the name or interval names would fail and fallback to the App Store link.
  • Fixed issue where selecting albums with no artist metadata would cause a crash.
Version 3.3.2 (beta)
  • Fixed last alert not sounding for gong alerts
  • Changed Apple Watch app Digital Crown functionality to prevent accidental knocks and pausing the timer. No longer works when screen is inactive, also requires half a turn to get started when screen is active.

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Beta Versions

Users can sign up to become beta testers within the Support & Feedback section of the app. Beta versions are used to test new features and fix issues for users so they do not have to wait for a full update to be released.

There is no obligation to supply feedback or do any 'real' testing. Though of course this does help. Beta testers should just use the app as they normally do but report anything that think is broken.

Last modified: June 8, 2017