Seconds Interval Timer Manual

Release Notes

3.6 beta
  • Added swimming activity with auto water lock.
  • Added quicker UI refresh when Apple Watch wakes.
  • Added low power mode option for Apple Watch (slower UI refreshes when Apple Watch wakes).
  • Added a confirmation before starting timers when the app is not upgraded.
  • Changed free version to only consider a timer used if it actually started.
  • Changed external ducking option to also apply to Apple Watch app.
  • Changed support section to link to Runloop forums.
  • Fixed Japanese Watch app not installing.
  • Fixed restoring from iCloud not updating the timer list.
  • Fixed bug where overrun interval of sub-timers was ignored.
  • Fixed audio not playing when first interval had no audio, and starting at a different interval.
  • Fixed alerts not playing on round timer rounds.
  • Fixed crash on iOS 8 devices.
  • Added all alerts to Apple Watch app.
  • Attempting to resolve audio resuming issue.
  • Added option to skip restart timer screen on Apple Watch.
  • Added ability to force a sync to Apple Watch.
  • Added ability to read heart rate sensors paired to device.
  • Added saving of energy samples to health.
  • Changed default number of sets to 1.
  • Fixed importing of Tabata timers from
  • Fixed issue with audio when starting timer by tapping the intervals.
  • Fixed incorrect volume issues when songs finish.
  • Fixed ducking issues.
  • Fixed selecting audio set in much older versions of the app.
  • Fixed issue caused by importing some timers from the web.
  • Fixed selecting audio from the search results.
  • Fixed more iOS 8 issues.
  • Fixed crash for iOS 8 users.
  • Fixed crash when creating folders.
  • Fixed iCloud backups not saving for some users.
  • Fixed export.
  • Fixed crash when creating timers with 0 duration.
  • Added new voices (iOS 9 and above).
  • Added addition diagnostics to support emails.
  • Added new folder option to import screen.
  • Changed iPad modal presentation style to full screen.
  • Fixed imports when Seconds is active.
  • Fixed heart rate not updating after restarting timer on Apple Watch.
  • Fixed audio not resuming.
  • Fixed slow editing on older devices.
  • Fixed various edge case crashes.
  • Added old style preview screen when tapping on preview bar.
  • Fixed share button not working.
  • Fixed timer lock button not working initially.
  • Fixed crash another crash for iOS 9 and older devices.
  • Fixed crash on iOS 9 and older devices.
  • Fixed Tabata style workouts on Apple Watch.
  • Updated for iOS 11.
  • Added dark theme.
  • Added preview to navigation bar.
  • Added recents and search to audio selection.
  • Added 3D Touch quick timers.
  • Added colours for timers.
  • Added colour customisation.
  • Added colour scheme sharing.
  • Added a notes field to timers.
  • Added sorting of timer lists.
  • Added cadence alerts for intervals.
  • Added timer template defaults.
  • Added end of timer text to speech message customisation.
  • Added half way haptic on Apple Watch.
  • Added utilitarian complications on Apple Watch.
  • Changed randomisation to random each set.
  • Removed Tabata Timer template and added Tabata Style option to Circuit / Tabata Timer.
  • Fixed volume slider scale.
  • Fixed last alert not playing for some alert settings.
  • Fixed accidental knocking of Digital Crown pausing timer on Apple Watch.
  • Fixed bug where receiving calls during timer could stop alerts sounding.
  • Fixed layout issues on iPad.
  • Fixed heart rate not displaying correctly on Apple Watch.
  • Fixed issue where sharing a timer containing an ampersand '&' character in the name or interval names would fail and fallback to the App Store link.
  • Fixed issue where selecting albums with no artist metadata would cause a crash.
  • Added Apple Watch app.
  • Changed current time option to display seconds.
  • Fixed issue where non-pro users can't save to Apple Health.
  • Added more checks to prevent excessive battery use when left on the timing screen.
  • Fixed issue where only first song in a playlist would play when using the system music player.
  • Fixed broken links on devices running iOS 9 and lower.
  • Added back the option for external ducking.
  • Added backup and restore of timers via iCloud. Timers are saved to iCloud each time there is a change made.
  • Added option to use the system music player. This gets around the issue files containing DRM (Apple Music subscription) not playing.
  • Added new timer display info for current time, percentage of max heart rate and heart rate zone.
  • Added option in personal details to add an observed max heart rate if you know the standard (220 - age) is not correct for you.
  • Added warm up and cool down intervals to compound timer.
  • Added new update message with video explaining new features.
  • Change the minimum time between rating prompts to 5 days.
  • Fixed an issue iOS 10 introduced where alerts would stop under certain conditions.
  • Fixed issue with Tabata duration in some rare circumstances.

Beta Versions

Users can sign up to become beta testers within the Support & Feedback section of the app. Beta versions are used to test new features and fix issues for users so they do not have to wait for a full update to be released.

There is no obligation to supply feedback or do any 'real' testing. Though of course this does help. Beta testers should just use the app as they normally do but report anything that think is broken.

Last modified: August 26, 2018